"The opening day in Nobiliary assembly"

Within the framework of the International historian o art-festival "Vekhi", in Kostroma the opening day of the Moscow artist has taken place on May, 23 Julia Dolgorukova. It is the first exhibition opened in a building of former Nobiliary assembly. Some words about the artist. She was born in Moscow in 1962. Has finished the Moscow art school, a member of the creative Union of artists and schedules of the International federation of artists of UNESCO, in 1991 (Germany) has finished rates of Academy of artists in the city of Stuttgart. The participant of the Moscow exhibitions: young artists. The international exhibitions in Germany and the USA, including personal which passed in Stuttgart and Herrenberg. In galleries and private assemblies of Russia, the Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Spain there is a part of its works. To Kostroma she has brought graphic and picturesque, works, and also sketches of theatrical sceneries and suits. The exhibition was opened by director of the Kostroma art museum Victor Ignatyev. The critic has told about creativity of the artist from Moscow the Item. Aidinian, having presented her as schedule, the artist - colorist and the theatrical artist. It has noted, that workers of the Kostroma museum have created an integral and high-grade exposition of works of Julia Dolgorukova, is skilful having placed its works on a display area of showrooms of the third floor. An item. Aidinian also has noted, that ancestors of the artist belonged to ancient nobiliary sort Dolgorukov's, and also Saveljev-Turgenjev, and the artist is the bright representative of Russian nobiliary art which revives. Julia Dolgorukova thanked all visitors were present on an opening day and has invited to an exhibition. The assistant to the chapter of administration of Kostroma G.L.Babenko has presented Julia celebrations a bouquet of roses.
Works of the artist are executed in style of modern Russian avant guarde, differ bright and juicy color. It first of all "the Summer residence in Baltic", "the Still-life with pials", "Singing souls". "The red house", "The Love minuet" and "Seasons", one of large works - "the Egyptian nights". The Master and Margarita" are interesting sketches scenery and suits to an opera "Master and Nargrite" V.Geviksmana to V.A.Mozart's "Requiem". Besides that Julia Dolgorukov the fine artist, she also charming, the woman, and observing ρε near to its works, you understand even more deeply sense of the words told by the Item. Aidinian about the avant guarde containing not only a wave of nobleness, but also spiritual height of nobiliary art.

B. Negoryukhin
"Northern truth" On May, 27 1994.
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