"The Crimean newspaper"

Magazine "New time" in one of last numbers of 1993 under a heading of "Person" tells about destiny of talented artist Julia Dolgorukovoj. In school days young moscovite showed the big interest to Russian literature. But once, having arrived on a vacation to the grandmother to Yalta, the impressionable schoolgirl under influence of nature Southern coast of Crimea has undertaken a brush and paints. Its first figures have been devoted seen in Wonderful edge. Successfully having ended in 1981 high school, Julia has decided to act in polygraphic institute. On examinations she has brought a little the works. The descendant of well-known Russian painter Andrey Vasnetsov entered into a selection committee among other examiners also. It, having looked its figures, has declared: "This girl could not be learned - she already taken place artist"? Certainly, her have accepted in institute. During study she intensively was engaged in creativity, drew much. In two years. Having presented ten works, became a member of association of young artists and critics, has had an opportunity to participate in prestigious exhibitions in the Arena and on Kuznetsk to the bridge. Criticism highly estimated its works. Original color scale and unique expression, - they, - here marked two basic elements which distinguish art of the young artist. A number of its works have received a high estimation, especially "Dream in a terrestrial armchair".
Julia Dolgorukov - the daughter of known composer Vitaly Geviksmanna - the descendant of princes Dolgorukovs. And Julia in Nikolay Zhudro's family - the grandnephew classics of the Russian literature of I.S.Turgeneva was brought up. J.Zhudro's many works are especially popular in Germany. She divides last three years between Moscow and Stuttgart, with the Academy of arts and which galleries it had close creative communications. "Due to hospitality and financial support of the known patron of art, the representative of an ancient German sort Hans's column background Rittberger, - writes magazine, - she has an opportunity on a regular basis to arrange the personal exhibitions in Stuttgart, and other cities of Germany"

"The Crimean newspaper" December 1993
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