05 April 2002   Princess Julia Dolgorukova - given birth by sea elements

Princess Julia Dolgorukova - given birth by sea elements

Ancient wise men considered, that except for the birthplace of the person, exists The fatherland of his childhood forming the person. In the passport princes Julia Dolgorukova Moscow is specified in the column of the birthplace, but Determining role lives and in creativity were played by Crimea.

In the early childhood Julia frequently carried to the grandmother to Yalta. There she early Has learned to float, and the Black sea for ever became its close friend. It seemed, blueness of the sea wave penetrated with the sun, was reflected In huge Julia's eyes, and can, they gleamed with brilliant turquoise The cloudless Yalta sky in a heat of summer. Inquisitive and inquisitive The sight of these eyes surprised both the grandmother, and its friend, the known artist Sergey Ivanovicha Bakayev, in the past of pupil Konstantin Korovin. "Will be the artist!" - skilled Bakayev unconditionally declared. "Will be The ballerina!" - the grandmother objected, taking into account successes of the grand daughter in ballet To mug. Clever a life Sergey Ivanovich to reconcile points Sight on future Julia, put forward the new concept: "Will be, undoubtedly, Beauty!". The grandmother agreed, but a question on the future trade Remained open. Least of it thought then Julia. She Gambolled in sea waves as the young naiad, rose on mountains , not being afraid of height, and mountains too became its hobby for all life. She has grown fond of the Crimean landscape, his sunniness, spirituality Poetry, his vineyards. In brown trunks of the bent trees to it The stiffened dances of fantastic figures saw.

Will pass years, and children's impressions will be reflected in its painting. Julia Again one will arrive to Crimea, not, and with the small son. And when two of them Will leave on coast the water, covered with foam of a sea surf, Someone from men sitting on a beach will tell delightfully: "Look, it is the Aphrodite with small Erot!". Nikola was then years Five. Known artists and poets not identified time in the Creativity Julia with the marble Aphrodite for whom posed for the sculptor Praxitel the well-known beauty of Ancient Greece Frina. It was recollected Henry Semiradskogo's huge picture "Frina on holiday Poseydon in Eleusis", stored in one of halls of Russian museum of Saint Petersburg. The city on Neva has interested Julia as the native land of its many ancestors- Princes Dolgorukov's. Here there were their palaces transformed in usual The Soviet establishments. There were they both in a capital, and in Crimea.

Going on traces past, in Crimea Julia has found out the deserted tomb One of representatives of numerous sort Dolgorukov's - Dolgorukov-Crimean. Her the intuition and noticed still has led to it Pushkin "love to fatherlike coffins". Now not only Yalta and Possessing inexplicable charm Livadia with an imperial palace, but also All Crimea has been gone by Julia along coast. She has grown fond of Koktebel, Sea capital of the Moscow intellectual elite. Became close the Museum Maksimiliana Voloshin where its picture is exhibited, the stiffened volcano Karadag, Serdolikovaya a bay. They were for it alive witnesses of myths And histories of Greece, the Nature. Mountains, woods, the seas and even Fine small rivers were perceived greecs as places of dwelling of gods, nymphs, Naiads and dryads. The wildlife of Crimea has been seen by Julia in poetic Aura of antiquity, in its harmonious beauty.

Under influence of Crimea Julia began to write the verses, seized powerful Stream of energy of color, so effective, as sounding of music. The sonorous palette of pictures and graphic sheets, appear, has incorporated All brightness of paints of the Crimean landscape. Through malachite greens of foliage The blue solar sky appeared through, and lilac shadows were seen in crones Trees among brown trunks, refined-graceful, as if ancient Dancers in ritual dance.

Dance - favourite motive in Julia Dolgorukovoj's creativity. As former The ballerina, she it is thin feels natural to plastic of trunks and branches, them The elaborate figure, latent from uninitiated musicality of all alive. Probably, it is incorporated in Julia genetically: in fact its father - known The composer. Imperceptible musicality is inherent colourystic I build Pictures and graphic sheets. It is shown in design works, In skill to compare with various subjects of an interior and furniture with fabrics, Colors, vases, sculptures, picturesque cloths. Having received in Germany the diploma of the designer, Julia excitedly improves the Trade, taking part in registration of various furniture exhibitions, Prestigious presentations. She is involved with a theatrical suit. Probably, It becomes one of conducting directions in creative searches, therefore That the life is perceived by Julia as never-ending theatrical action With dynamical change of scenery and occurrence of new characters. Among Friends Julia, except for the artists, many known actors, musicians. Among them Andrey Egorov, the conducting actor Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army (together with it and husband Igor Manko Julia It is represented in the big photo, reminding the staff from film). Cinema tests in the past were successful. Doubtless Julias are marked amicably by its friends - film directors and photographers. This year known director Dmitry Shinkarenko who has finished The maximum director's rates in Hollywood also has removed set familiar to us Pictures, admiring with Julia, it was inspired by its image for creation of the script Serial on "Mosfilm", where the main heroine - The artist in collision with a heavy reality. Perhaps, new Its artistic talent and the chamber will allow to realize plans will immortalize On a film characteristic appearance princess Dolgorukova and an oval of the person, Glorified by great artist Charles Bryullov in a portrait Brilliant countess Julia Samojlova.

If there was an idea to make film of times of occurrence of christianity in Ancient Russia Julia with success could play a role Great Princesses Olga (in Elena's christening): so it is surprising they are similar! On it Similarity husband Julia - Igor who has been in love with it a handsome man has paid attention The brunette, the actor of theatre "New Opera" where it works as the chorus master under The well-known Evgenie Kolobova's management. Igor closely studied The first volume of the book "Nobiliary роды Russian empire", especially The chapter "Princes Dolgorukov's". Knowing, that the sort conducts the origin From Rjurik, the leader varyag's the teams called Novgorod's, It has addressed to the biography of grand duke of the Kiev Igor, son of Rjurik, Married on Olga, whose graphic representation is placed in the book.

Julia is interested with far ancestors of many branches of sort Dolgorukov's- Dolgorukiy's, mentioned in encyclopedias, active participants of events Domestic history. Among Dolgorukov's were outstanding state Figures, commanders, writers. With prince Dmitry Ivanovichem Dolgorukov (1797-1867), the son "the poet known in due time кн. Willows. M.Dolgorukov, Pushkin, apparently, was friends", - writes Century. Century. Veresayev in the first volume of the two-volume book "Pushkin's Satellites" ("Soviet The writer", Moscow, 1937. Page 178). Known for directness and boldness Prince Jacob Fedorovicha Dolgorukov (1639-1720) erected by Peter I In a rank of the senator and appointed by the president of Auditing board, Pushkin has embodied in a poem "my geneological table" in one line: "Prince Jacob Dolgoruky Is happy". Jacob Dolgoruky after a capture Azov in 1696 headed defense on southern border of Russian The states with Turkey.

Turkey popular in modern tourists has drawn Julia's attention as Historical crossroads of the most ancient civilizations and cultures, from ancient The Troy which have been dug out Shliman, up to East Empire of Rome and Byzantium, through Which to Russia there has come christianity. As always, rest has been subordinated To dynamical rhythm of creativity. Being on a turkish resort, Julia not Only floated. She wrote picturesque "Dances". Has hired the machine, Went and photographed a turkish landscape and his sights, That then in the Moscow workshop to create a cycle of products.

Now in this workshop the new picture written dries on a underframe Oil with application of new technologies as fluorescing Dye that gives to an image bright theatricality. The picture refers to "Ballet", is more exact - "Jizele". This spring Julia will have a lot of work. To it It is necessary to open personal exhibitions: in Paris, in Marina Tsvetaeva's Museum in Alexandrov and in Picture gallery of city Malyj Yaroslavets. The Russian province - old and constant love princes Dolgorukova, From Tarusa up to Kostroma and Kaluga where its displays used success Schedules and painting.

On March, 24 in Business center of commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation on Pure Ponds the evening devoted to memory of Oleg Nikolaevicha Efremova has taken place. Julia took part in it not simply as the designer, and as friend Nastya Yefremov, daughters of the glorified actor and the main director of MKhAT him. A.P.Chekhov. New, Hristovo Julia met 2002, and Christmas in Visitors at Nastya on a summer residence in Valentinovka in settlement "Seagull".

Ahead long-awaited summer, the sun and the sea which is becoming blue ultramarine under The turquoise sky of the south. Blue and dark blue up to the most intensive tone Lazurite (a stone of gods on presentation of ancient Egyptians) and a stone New era - hryzokoll's - favourite colors in painting Julia. They Prevail in its toilets and ornaments. Zodiac sign on the Fish, under Which was born Princess Dolgorukov, defines influence on it Water elements of the sea. It is amazing, as it is thin one has felt it The Moscow beauty. Recently having arrived from Paris and having visited studio княжны Julias, she has ordered not a still-life with colors, not a portrait, and a landscape "Sea". Perhaps, because her name is Marina and the name she Too it is connected to the sea.

Passion peculiar to much Russian aristocrats to travel, Caused by natural necessity to visit own manors in The different ends of empire and palaces in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, in Crimea, And sometimes and abroad, the passion attributed by Pushkin in a poem "Evgenie Onegin" to the protagonist: "Him the anxiety, hunting to change has seized Places", - it is to the full inherent in Julia. She has visited many countries The western Europe. Perhaps, will go to the United States. Recently from Sea-Cliff, state of New York, there has come the letter from princess Irina Petrovna Dolgorukova, during Civil war emigrated with armies Vrangel from Russia. She writes Julias: "it is Pleasant, that you serve art, That too it is close to our family".

As true arystocrat, Julia Dolgorukova is rather democratic. She will politely answer everyone who will call by phone or will try To communicate through the Internet for purchase of pictures or graphic works. On a contractual basis it is possible to carry out the order for registration furniture Interior or an apartment.

Ph.: (499) 194-83-57
E-mail: dolgorukova@mail.ru

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